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Mushroom Soup

Fresh button mushroom purée infused in cream.

Lemon-grass & Cilantro Soup

Clear lemon grass and chicken broth, stirred with shrimps and chili oil.

Cream  Of  Chicken

Creamy soup made chicken stock & chicken chunks

Chicken Broth

Broth made with chicken carcass, green chili & mixed ground spices.

Sun-Dried Tomato Soup

Sun dried tomatoes, Fresh vegetable jue, fried garlic, fresh thyme 

Soup of the Day



Caesar Salad

Crispy beef bacon & chicken strips for the appetite, blended with a mixture of mix greens, crotons, boiled egg & Parmesan shaves.

Quinoa Salad

Steamed quinoa, Shrimps, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, fresh mushrooms & onions mixed in Dijon mustard vinaigrette, served with dressed in Cajun spice.

Athens Salad

The traditional Greek salad with diced cucumbers, tomatoes, green bell pepper, red onion, walnut, olives & Feta cheese.

*Corn & Avacado Salad

Sweet, sour & zesty salad made with sweet corn, Avacado, chicken, roasted pumpkins, eggplant, Iceberg, dressed with yogurt base, topped with crackers & balsamic reduction dressing.

*Classic Fruit Salad

Seasonal fruits, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin seeds feta cheese, mushrooms & mixed green leaves tossed in mustard vinaigrette. (Ask your server for seasonal fruits)


Aglio Olio Pasta

Pasta from the Naples, spaghetti and shrimps tossed in garlic, Thai chili and lemon,

Pasta Arrabiata

Penne pasta tossed in French concasser served with grilled chicken


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