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Mushroom Soup

Fresh  button  mushroom  pur ée  infused  in  cream.

Lemon-grass & Cilantro Soup

Clear lemon grass and chicken broth, stirred with shrimps and chili oil.

Cream Of Chicken

Creamy soup made chicken stock & chicken chunks

Chicken Broth

Broth made with chicken carcass, green chili & mixed ground spices

Sun-Dried Tomato Soup

Sun dried tomatoes, Fresh vegetable jue, fried garlic, fresh thyme



Caesar Salad

Crispy beef bacon & chicken strips for the appetite, blended with  a mixture of mix greens, crotons, boiled egg & Parmesan shaves

Quinoa Salad

Steamed quinoa, Shrimps, cherry tomatoes, bell pepper, fresh  mushrooms & onions mixed in Dijon mustard vinaigrette, served  with dressed in Cajun spice.

Athens Salad

The traditional Greek salad with diced cucumbers, tomatoes,  green bell pepper, red onion, walnut, olives & Feta cheese.

*Corn & Avocado Salad

Sweet, sour & zesty salad made with sweet corn, Avocado, chicken,  roasted pumpkins, eggplant, Iceberg, dressed with yogurt base,  topped with crackers & balsamic reduction dressing

Grilled Peach & Feta Cheese Salad

Grilled peach, Feta cheese, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes,  Pumpkin seeds, mushrooms & mixed green leaves tossed in  Mustard vinaigrette


Aglio Olio Pasta

Pasta from the Naples, spaghetti and shrimps tossed in  garlic, Thai chili and lemon,

Pasta Arrabiata

Penne pasta tossed in French concasser served with grilled chicken

Alfredo Pasta

Penne pasta cooked in rich creamy mushroom sauce,  served with grilled chicken.

Bolognese Pasta

Linguine tossed in beef mince, tomato sauce and Basil.

Creamy Meaty Linguine

Linguine tossed in red creamy sauce with stir fried chicken,  turkey bacon, sun-dried tomatoes and fresh basil

Lost in Linguine

Linguine pasta with choice of Chicken or Prawn, cooked in rich  cream with garlic, basil & Thai chilli, served with garlic bread

Rolled Up Lasagna

Beef mince, spinach, bĕchamel sauce, with our in house pasta  topped with cheese and greens



Jardin Club Sandwich

80'O Club

Sun Dried Pesto

Chicken & Turkey Bacon (Country Bread)  

Minced Veal Sandwich

Grilled Beef (Country Bread)


Dynamite Prawns

Hand battered prawns made with a mixture of seasonings and drenched in spicy dynamite sauce.

Chili Prawns

Stir fried Prawns tossed in a spicy tomato & garlic sauce

Fried Camembert

Fried Camembert cheese served with dry cranberry,  mix greens, walnut & raspberry coulées.

Crab Au Gratin

Crab meat sautéed with garlic, asparagus, carrots and  cream, caramelized with Parmesan, served with crostini.

Loaded Beetroot Hummus

Classic Beetroot Hummus sprinkle with diced chicken,  cucumber and feta cheese served with Za’atar Bread

Chicken Croquettes

Crumbed chicken scallop filled with Parmesan , cream and  Mozzarella cheese, served with chili Mayo & Sriracha mayo dip

Beef Carpaccio

Thin pressed beef tenderloins dressed with parmesan cheese  mixed greens and cherry tomatoes

Live Prawns

Tailon Prawns, cayenne pepper whole red chilli, parmesan  cheese, lemon juice, chopped parsley and brioche slice.

Open Face Braised Beef Mini Tacos

Tacos served with pickled cabbage, braised beef,  hot & chunky salsa & micro green

Chicken Strips

Chicken strips coated in flavourful batter, served  with Garlic mayo.

Loaded Fries

French fries, chili mayo, Sirarcha mayo, chicken Pepperoni,  tomato Salsa, sour cream, olives & Jalapeños topped with  cheese.

Baked Camembert Pie

Baked camembert cheesed infused with pesto-stuffed  bread, served with tomato salsa dipping for a twist

*Hawaiian Grilled Prawns

Grilled Prawns braised with Pineapple sauce served  with mixed greens


Hawaiian Pizza

Thin crust base topped grilled chicken, sausages, turkey  bacon, capsicum, pineapple, olives and jalapeño sitting over Jardin’s tomato sauce.

New York Pizza

Thin crust base topped with beef pepperoni over chipotle  sauce with grated Parmesan & mozzarella cheese

Bolognese Pizza

Thin crust base layered with tomato sauce, beef mince, Parmesan  & mozzarella cheese and sour cream, dressed with fresh basil

Parmesan Pizza

Thin crust pizza made with Jardin’s signature cream sauce  topped with turkey bacon and Parmigiano Reggiano.

Spinach and Feta

Thin crust layered with basil pesto sauce and Feta cheese, topped  With sundried tomatoes, green chili & sautéed spinach

Margherita Pizza

The classic Pizza made with Jardin’s tomato sauce,  mozzarella cheese, tomato slices, dressed with mixed  herbs & olive oil.


Mexican Chicken Burger  

Pepper House Beef Burger

Irish Cheddar Mushroom Burger  

Smoked Beef Burger

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